Dalton Fries  
Sean Hansbrough  
It's a shame that you can't rate the sales and service department separately... Marcelo was great and provided 5 star customer service. He always makes a point to say hello to us when we come in and I would recommend him to anyone needing to purchase a vehicle. The service department though has really gone down hill as of late. 3 service appointments ago they recommended a battery replacement... I declined and it has tested well ever since. 2 service appointments ago I had to agree to a diagnostic fee for them to test my brakes (there was an issue)... And they forgot to change the oil. As for the last straw, the last service appointment they damaged our steering wheel. The service manager did repair the damage (we had an interior warranty), but not to its previous condition...and denied any responsibility and tried to blame the damage on my wife's wedding ring. In fact, he said "it looked pretty good for 50,000 miles." It's doubtful we will return and we've been going here since 2011.
Chris Anderson  
Polite. Marcelo was not pushy at all. Great experience.
J Laszewski  
Good place for a var
Timothy Shrum  
I had the best time with Hallmark Hyundai. My process was quick and pain-free, and the service was incredibly impressive. The staff members were accommodating, flexible, and easy to work with. I had an all around wonderful experience!
Devin Drake  
I highly recommend Hallmark Hyundai for car buying - they are friendly, helpful, and low-pressure. I'm loving my Tucson and I'm grateful that my first car buying experience was such a stellar one!
I would absolutely recommend Hallmark Hyundai to anyone wanting to purchase a new vehicle. I can't speak to their used vehicle inventory or practices, but if it's anything like the new car experience, then you're in good hands! I'm a very detailed and analytical shopper. I take my time and make sure what I want and where I want to purchase it. And Hallmark was the winner! I already knew I wanted a new Sonata, but which dealership was really up in the air. I visited several, and this was the only dealership I visited that did everything you would want as a customer. They gave me estimated costs based on their advertised deals, and even printed out the quotes for me to keep and reference. They DIDN'T try to upsale me to a higher trim level, but rather wanted me to get the best car for my needs regardless of the extra money they might make, and they were willing to negotiate when another dealer had a lower price. On top of all of that, the salesmen and other employees working there seemed genuinely nice and helpful. Other places seemed less genuine. I could say a lot more, but I'll leave it at that. Good vehicle, much improved brand, and one of the best dealers of that brand around!
Megan Miller  
I would highly recommend my family and friends to Hallmark Hyundai! I bought my first Hyundai in 2014 as my parents are loyal Hyundai owners and they wanted to see me in a safe and affordable car. I am so happy that I decided to purchase another Hyundai when the time came. I was able to work with John and a few other wonderful people at Hallmark Hyundai, who all made the process a breeze! They found a 2018 Hyundai Elantra to replace my 2014 Elantra coupe and it was EXACTLY within my price range, had all the features I needed and so much more, and it was even the color I wanted! I could not be more excited for this upgrade and I grow even more in love with my car each day I drive it. Whenever you need a new Hyundai, please consider going to see John Honeycutt at Hallmark Hyundai in Hendersonville to get an amazing deal for exactly what you want!