Katie Bossenmaier  
The Wood Cross location boards cats which is where I have taken my little guy, Gilligan, a couple of times. The entire staff is super friendly and great at communicating with me. The best part is there is a live feed of the cat room so I could check on Gil whenever I felt like it. I would recommend this boarding location to anyone with animals they care but.
Chris Schwarz  
Great staff and the dog loves it.
Natasha J.  
Between the groomers, daycare, and boarding, this place is the best. They really care about each dog and make sure the owners are happy with every service. My dogs love it and we will continue to go here.
Tazia Prows  
The Woods Cross location had a Red Golden-doodle get out of from a hole in the fence. When I found the puppy he didn't have his collar on and not chipped. I took him in to see if they were missing a dog and they told me no, so with I took the puppy home to keep because the vet whom I took him to later said he didn't have a chip and that Animal control didn't have any report of a missing dog! Over 6 hours later!!! The Utah Dog Park Employees came to my work (which I had already left, but they caught the receptionist) and said they are missing a dog. They told me they didn't know he was missing because of shift change and that the owners were coming back from vacation and he needed the dog back now. When I took the puppy back the girl at the front grabbed him out of my arms and went into the back and didn't come back out.. Rude!!!!!
Maureen Botoman  
I take my pup to puppy school here. The facilities are clean and the staff is friendly
Emily Cornia  
It was good and we will definitely use them again. The people seemed friendly. My dog was exausted after from playing outside with the other dogs and super thirsty. The only reason I didn't give five stars was that it was our first time using this place and we weren't given any information on what to bring or what it was like for the dogs. We were just asked to fill out a form. When I dropped off our dog I was asked if I brought his food. I'm a new dog owner so I didn't realize that wasn't included. There is an extra fee to have them feed your dog. I would have liked to have known there was a webcam so I could've checked in on my dog, and if i wanted i could've brought his own bedding and food. More information for us as new customers would have been super helpful.
Rosemary Card  
We've been visiting Utah Dog Park for over a year and love it! The staff is so nice and always excited to see Teddy. The facilities are super clean and I love that they have a vet and grooming on site. I especially love that I can use the grooming facilities to wash my pup myself. I recommend UDP to everyone!
Miranda McLane  
We love Utah Dog Park! My three dogs get so excited when we pull up and drag me inside. The facility is in a great location, super clean, and the staff is very professional and friendly. The pricing is competitive and the service is top notch. I would not hesitate to recommend this facility to friends and family!
Karen Flynn  
My pups, June and Chaco, are SO happy here. We have had a couple of bad boarding experiences while finding the right place for our two 1 year old puppies. We are new to the area, and finally found some really trusted, dog loving contacts, who guided us toward Utah Dog Park. When our pups come back to us from day care (and boarding) they are visually happy from the experience here. We have a very fearful dog, who is so excited to go in, that he doesn't worry about barking at everyone in the lobby. Life saver. And we can see them on cameras while they are there! Makes all the difference in the world. Will be using this service regularly!
Chelsea Marie Duke  
This place is wonderful! We have boarded our pup here a few times for longer trips and had a great experience. I was nervous about boarding for the first time because our dog has some anxiety issues. They made the transition so easy and told me to call and check on him whenever I needed to! When I did call several times they would look at notes about him, make a personal visit over to check on him and update me. I felt so comfortable knowing he was in good hands, and we got to check on him via the webcams! I would highly recommend to anyone looking for boarding, and I look forward to continuing to use their services.