Chris Webb  
I have been working with Dr Street for a few months and I know she cares about the clients she works with and care about their health and well being. Recommend giving her a try!
Heather Johnson  
Under regular upper cervical chiropractic care, I find more mobility in my neck, better posture, and better overall balance in my body. I don't know what I did without it!
Brenda Beaudoin  
Dr. Street has worked wonders for me and my hip. Would highly recommend.
Wendy Parmley  
I love Dr. Ashleigh! I have suffered with trigeminal nerve pain for the past six years following a bike accident--TBI and cervical disk herniation. After trying literally everything to get on top of the pain--medication, nerve blocks, massage, Acupuncture, craniosacral, energy work, traditional chiropractic, etc.--I was referred by my traditional chiropractor to NUCCA. It has been a long process of healing, but I finally have more good days than bad, thanks to Dr. Street. She is skilled, intuitive, and holistic and I appreciate her kindness and genuine concern for my well being. Thank you for taking such good care!
Bryon Tarbet  
Friendly, knowledgeable and reasonably priced. More effective than many other practitioners over the years. Highly recommended
Cora Rowley  
I’ve been going to Dr Street for a few months and it has alleviates many issues I’d had. I have taken my 2 kiddos in as well- my 4 year old who is too tall for his age and my 2.5 year old who had never slept through the night. My 4 year old has better control of his limbs and my 2.5 year old has slept through the night! And then today- last night, my 2.5 year old got his head/ neck pretty hard. I asked him if we should go to the chiropractor and he pled with me yes! When we got in, he climbed onto the table, no fear- just anticipation - and in she came, adjusted him and suddenly he isn’t in pain anymore. I am converted.
Kolleen DeGraff  
Dr Street is a miracle worker! After trigeminal neuralgia surgery I was getting very frequent migraines. They were interfering with living life and work. I had been to chiropractors for years but would be back out before I even got home. A friend recommended Dr Street and the difference has been amazing!!! My migraines are gone! And the rest of me falls back into place when she adjusts my axis. And I'm finally staying in. I'm so grateful to have found Dr. Street.
Amber Burrell  
Best Chiropractor ever. The only one I've ever found that could help me. So grateful for Dr. Street.
Molly Knowles  
Dr. Ashleigh is great! She has absolutely helped my migraines. She has given me hope when I most needed it.
Jennifer Kay Riding  
I am so glad I was referred to Ashleigh. I had such pain in my kneck I could hardly move. She helped me without cracking me which I dont feel good about. She has also been helping me with lower psyatic pain and has guven me excellent advise on my digestive health and how to nourish my nerves.