Stephanie Ayau  
Shar S  
Sending a shout out for Roger at pre-owned cars in Kailua Kona Hawaii. What sealed the deal for me was the fact that thereโ€™s very few gentleman in this world today,. Roger was a perfect gentleman with excellent customer service skills, he is an asset to your company!
Sometimes the simple things in life can make the biggest difference.
And I would also like to Send a thumbs up to Ryan he also did good.

Mahalo to the both of you!!!
Shar Sutton ๐Ÿ˜Š
Carmen Canahuaty  
Thank you for making it possible for me to get an affordable, nice car.
Elenor Jerry  
I am really thankfull to preowned motor cars mostly to Ryan Kennedy and Roger Pezzulich b cuz i went tocouple dealers but ididnt make i went over and i finally got a car fromthem.i know that its really hard for them bcuz of my cridits some other things and also very,very super nicepeople.if u need help stp by and check them out .you will see how good and nice they are!once again thank u Ryan and Roger.go pre owned.
Paul Kang  
I had a really good car buying experience here. The process was smooth and the guys here really take care of you. Roger helped me out a ton and so did Ryan. Thank you for helping me purchase my vehicle! Car runs great. I would come back if I were looking for another vehicle in the future and would definitely recommend them even to my most careful and picky family / friends. ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿ‘
Robert Guillermo  
I just got a acura tlx and am so impressed by fast and professional service from roger,ryan,and the rest of the staff . Its my second vehicle from them and recommend that you give them a try first...
Susun Gallery  
I needed a cargo van for my business.
Harris drove 50 miles to pick me up, Ryan worked magic on my credit application, and Roger let me test drive all the vans. It was a fun day and am happy with my purchase.
They have beautiful cars and vans, so clean and detailed.
Clay Garner  
Super friendly, easy to work with, and no BS.
Roget was a great help..
Keoni Smith  
Great people willing to work with what you got.would go back again.
Tammy Banda  
I love my new car. Ryan walked us through the entire process. We got a great rate. I would highly recommend them.