Edgar Hernandez  
john lewandowski  
Diana Ancog  
What an awesome company! Professional, courteous, friendly, trustworthy, informative, respectful, and genuine customer service with a smile. Great warranty options. Great valved cars and trucks. Everyone works as a team. Personalized services. Applause to Roger and Ryan on their commitment to help me on what was best for my life style. I can proudly recommended Preowned cars to any one of my friends and family!
makana field  
After going to many bigger dealerships and feeling like was just $ prey-- I'm so glad I came back here. Roger was so kind and helpful. A genuinely caring and perceptive person.

It took a while for me to pull my downpayment together. I was treated like a friend

and a guest and enjoyed watching and talking with

This close knit team.

I left with a car i love, Ryan got mw a great rate.

Completely happy
John Alokoa  
Everyone was great! Ryan, Joe, and Roger were all amazing. I am a first time buyer and they made everything possible for me. The service was outstanding and they really do try to figure out what’s best for you. They dont just try to sell you a car. Highly recommend this place. Thanks everyone
Leisha Hiester  
After doing a 360 on the highway in my older car, I drove straight to Pre-owned. Within about an hour I was leaving in my new car! I was pleasantly surprised and am still loving my new car! Thank you Pre-Owned team for your great work on my behalf.
Talia Skinner  
Sales and finance people were professional, friendly and efficient. They talked to me about different vehicles but didn’t push me to any one car. I read something about the car we were interested in on the internet. They made it possible to see if we could duplicate the issue. The price seemed fair with everything that I could look up. It was not a case of haggling or pushing to come to a fair price. It is by far the best car sales experience that I have had.
Rick Colleado  
Second vehicle I have purchased from pre owned motors in Kona. The experience was warm and friendly. Was open to negotiate and find a very good apr rate for me. Roger made me a believer that there are good sincere and honorable salesman who do look out for the customers welfare. Thank you Roger and Ryan. Highly recommended! Family oriented and very pleasant atmosphere.
Tina Evans  
Very knowledgeable and caring staff! Both Roger and Ryan were amazing!
Tonya Tyler  
I just purchased a car from Pre-Owned Motors for the second time. They were originally recommended from a friend who works with developmentally disabled. She said Pre-Owned is the only used car dealership she trusts to take her clients.

I have had very good luck with them. There was a car they had just gotten on the lot that I wanted to buy. They wouldn’t realease to me until they did a full inspection and change the fluids. Ultimately, they changed both sets of brakes as well. Nice to feel taken care of and not need to worry about expensive repairs. Got it for a great price as well!